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744 Clay Street
Port Townsend, WA 98368

What people say about the Ann Starrett Mansion –

“I’d ... like to do a little rave on the Ann Starrett Mansion. I was treated as their star guest; no surprise there – everyone is treated as their star guest. I love Victorian – all that polished wood and everything in its appointed and proper place, so Downton Abbeyish. I was tickled pink they were able to accommodate me on such short notice. The first few days I spent in two different rooms in the mansion, until I could move into the bottom–floor apartment in the cottage beside the main house. Fully furnished, with a good kitchen, TV, and ever so well appointed :) The manager, Richard, is a kinder, gentler Mr Carson – I think he appreciates Victorian like I do, and he wears it so well: a wonderful soul who was totally at the heart of my stay there.
– Shannon www.followshannon.com

“The grand ‘bon bon’ of them all!”
– Pacific Northwest Magazine

“The crown jewel has to be the Starrett House!”
– Vancouver Sun, Canada

“One of the better places to stay.”
– New York Times

“A four story architectural extravaganza!”
– Bremerton Sun

“...a flamboyant Victorian Mansion!”
– Colonial Home Magazine

“Port Townsend's legendary Victorian Mansion.”
– Seattle Weekly

“Best Historic Inn”– Sunset Magazine

“A Victorian Marvel on Puget Sound.”
– National Geographic Traveler

“The Crown Jewel!”– The London Times

“....truly remarkable in the originality of its concept which makes it more than any other Port Townsend house not only of local, but national significance.”
–Allen T. Dennison, Architectural Historian

“The Queen of Queen Annes – A Port Townsend inn recalls the heyday of grand Victorian style and a lifelong love affair.”
–By Donna Pizzi, (Read the article)